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Michael Cade – Olathe Murderer, Kidnapper & Rapist

michael cade, olathe kansas murder, kidnapping and rapistThe Investigation Discovery Channel is featuring this case on an episode of Ice Cold Killers to air this Tuesday, Feb 23, 2016 at 7pm CT.

Michael Cade, 21 at the time, turned the small town of Olathe, Kansas upside down with his actions the night of January 28th, 1983.

He’s a monster. – Paul Duffield

Cade has said he randomly selected John and Carole Duffield’s Olathe home to break into and reign terror on. He entered the home with a two-pound hammer, beating 15 year-old Paul Duffield and leaving him for dead, before moving on to his next child victim. He beat 12 year-old Janelle to death with the same hammer. Kelly, the Duffield’s 17 year-old daughter was forced from the house by Cade. Her body was found 10 days later at Frisco Lake. She had been raped, beaten and left to die alone, in a drainage ditch.

Cade was convicted of two counts of first-degree murder and one count each of rape, aggravated kidnapping, aggravated battery, aggravated burglary and robbery.

Under today’s laws, Cade would be eligible for the death penalty. However, with no death penalty in Kansas at the time, he was sentenced to life and eligible for parole. His first opportunity came in 1998 and again in 2008. Denied both times, with campaigns against his release being led by the Duffield family. His next chance happens in 2018.

John Duffield passed in 1998 and Carole in 2011. All deceased members of the Duffields are laid to rest at Oak Lawn Memorial Gardens in Olathe, KS.

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Kansas – Before You Vote, Read About Rape, Murder and Survival

Carr Jonathon Carr Reginald

Brothers Jonathon (L) and Reginald (R) Carr are currently incarcerated as the result of a week’s worth of heinous crimes in Wichita, KS.

What came to be known as “The Wichita Horror” the two brothers were originally sentenced to death for robbery, killing a dog, rape and murder. A night of crime that after reading the details of the evening, you will not easily forget. A night they raped multiple women, sexually humiliated all 5 and murdered 4 people, 1 survivor. Execution style.

Read the detailed description here at Crime Library

What does this story have to do with Election Day tomorrow November 4, 2014?

For Kansas, 2 of the Supreme Court Justices are up for affirmation of appointments.

Since the two men were sentenced to death, (Dec 2002), the Kansas Supreme Court has overturned the sentence, (July 2014) ruling that the trial judge erred in refusing to conduct separate penalty phases for the two men. The court affirmed their conviction, but ruled the case violated the 8th amendment.

The lone survivor and remaining victims families have since started a non-profit called Kansans For Justice. Calling for the public to VOTE NO and remove Kansas Supreme Court Justices Eric Rosen and Lee Johnson. The only two currently up for reappointment.

Whether you believe this to be ruled by emotion, or justice is the question that is before Kansas Voters tomorrow. How would / will you vote?

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CASE DISMISSED – Missouri Molesters – A Family Tradition

Burrell Mohler Sr

Burrell Mohler Sr

Burrell Mohler Jr

Burrell Mohler Jr

Jered Mohler

Jered Mohler

David Mohler 

David Mohler

Roland Mohler

Roland Mohler






This out just yesterday 3-7-12. The prosecutors say that they are unable to prove beyond a reasonable doubt the crimes occurred. I hope this is because they are completely innocent.

I had seen that David had said it makes you question the justice system. I AGREE! As it seems, when ALL charges are dropped, why did they spend 2.5 years in jail? This can happen to ANYONE. All it takes is someone to point a finger and I’m telling you, then you have to prove your innocence. It is not the other way around.

—ORIGINAL POST 11-11-09—

The hot news today is about the Mohler family from the Lafayette County Missouri area charged with a variety of crimes involving and against children. I am surprised they aren’t sporting the notable Chester Molestaches instead of the family trademarked full beard. Details are still coming out about what has occurred.

Word is these crimes date back to between March 1988 and March 1995. Cadaver dogs are reportedly on the farm property searching for bodies. Authorities are asking any unknown victims to come forward.

Fox 4 is reporting that Mohler Sr., 77, has been charged with forcible rape with a child less than 12 years old by the use of forcible compulsion, two counts of felony rape and two counts of use of a child in a sexual performance.

Mohler Jr., 53, has been charged with deviate sexual assault with a child less than 14 years old and two counts of use of a child in a sexual performance.

David A. Mohler, 52, has been charged with forcible rape with a child less than 12 years old by use of forcible compulsion.

Jared Leroy Mohler, 48, has been charged with forcible rape with a child less than 12 years old by use of forcible compulsion, forcible sodomy, knowingly had deviate sexual intercourse with a child less than 12 years old by use forcible compulsion and two counts of use of a child in a sexual performance.

Roland Neil Mohler, 47, has been charged with use of a child in a sexual performance.

The men are being held in the Lafayette County jail in lieu of bond.


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