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Tamika Pledger – Unified Gov’t Commissioner Candidate

Tamika Pledger Twitter

Are there ever times that you experience deja vu? Maybe times you look back and recognize foresight? Well, this clip from Tamika Pledger’s Twitter account @TamikaPledger could fit right into either of those categories. Whichever you may choose, the overall outcome is devastating, because just a few weeks later on January 30, 2015 Ms. Pledger, 38, candidate for Unified Government Commissioner would find herself in custody for four felony counts of reckless aggravated battery. She is accused of hitting four teens with her vehicle. Since the incident, one teen, 17 year-old Tierra Smith, has died to change one charge to involuntary manslaughter.

Court documents released on February 12, 2015 state that Pledger was speeding her Mercedes, 54 in a 20 MPH at 13th and Troup.

Tamika PledgerFox 4 reports:

Some witnesses told police it appeared the driver swerved toward the pedestrians. Then, according to the document, they saw bodies flying.
Police and firefighters responded to the scene and found people “hurt, crying, screaming and attempting to flee the scene.”
Police say witnesses told them that when Pledger got out of her car, she said, “I am sorry. I am so sorry everyone, but I’m just protecting my family, too.”

Tamika Pledger reported exited her car stating that she couldn’t stop… we are still talking about a Mercedes remember… Sidenote: She couldn’t stop because she was over-driving the road design traveling 54 in a 20.

Her story continues…

While Pledger was incarcerated, she was recorded on the phone saying to the other party;

“What I really want to do is, if I don’t get out of here, I need you guys to go on the Plan B, Plan C. My Plan B and C is to get with the family and the media… all you guys together and say, ‘We will not press charges on her. We know it was an accident. We don’t know why she’s still in there. We’re asking for them to drop the charges and let her go.’”

Ultimately, once released on $50,000 bond, she went to Facebook to tell the tale of how the Devil made her do it. Oh, and she’s still on the ballot for Commissioner. If she gets voted in, I’m leaving…

Tamika Pledger Facebook Post



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Drugs are Bad

Casey Cordell
So, we have all heard it before, but… Drugs Kill. In this instance, we had a high speed chase in a stolen Honda. High speed, running stop signs, flashing red lights until coming into contact with a Kansas City Water services truck. Thankfully the City employee only had minor injuries. The front passenger of the Honda, Christopher Ford, was pronounced dead at the hospital, and I was told they are pulling the second passenger off of life support tonight.

The driver of our topic today is this puke to the left. His name is Casey Cordell. Casey is a convicted felon with a record in Johnson County that dates back to 2003. Charges ranging from Criminal Damage to Cocaine Possession.

Cordell now sits in  Jackson County custody on charges of manslaughter. Unfortunately, if my sources are right, it will be two charges by morning.

Drugs are bad, ummkay.

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Stanford Griswold Charged in Euston Death.

Stanford GriswoldThis head-tilt gangster lean mugshot is that of Stanford Griswold. Griswold is currently being held on a $75,000 cash only bond in KCMO for the death of Brian Euston.

Brian Euston was outside of America’s Pub in Westport when he had been suggested to leave the area. He was also witnessed interacting with the suspect and his girlfriend, the tipster, prior to his injury that led to his death.

I guess Griswold taught that white-boy something. Shiiiit.

It is reported that Euston ranked among the elite in alcohol consumption with levels of 4 times the legal limit. But who isn’t near or beyond that in Westport? Isn’t that the only reason to go there? I can remember always starting the night at Kelly’s with one of their 96 ounce beers. Now, I have aged and not been to Westport in many years, but I am 99% sure these character types contributed to my absence.

Hearing on Friday 1-28-2011.


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