Tiller Killer gets Hard 50

Scott Roeder is found guilty in the killing of late term abortion Dr. George TillerSedgwick County District Judge Warren Wilbert handed down the HARD 50 sentence to Scott Roeder, 52. Translation, he would serve a minimum mandatory life sentence without the possibility of parole for at least 50 years.

“It is no secret George Tiller killed unborn children for a living. I stopped him so he could not kill again,” Roeder said in a statement he read to the court. “It was the most agonizing and most stressful decision I’ve ever had to make.”

Right or wrong, Tiller provided a service that his clients chose. Roeder is a vigilante and had to be stopped. His actions are not justified in a sane world. This guy is a wacko that between him and Fred Phelps give Kansas a name only Basketball can fix.

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