Baby Momma Just Can’t See…

Gregory WalkerIf you are 14 and get locked up for 16 years for charges such as kidnapping, arson, sodomy and rape just to name a few, out on parole and a $7,500 bond you probably are not too civilized and an infant had no business being under your supervision.

This is my opinion. I am judgmental and I form conclusions from my own bias. I wouldn’t have let my buddies near this sick fuck. He now is being charged with aggravated battery on a 3-month old. Nice work tough guy.

Baby Momma says…

Kinsey Starling tells KMBC 9’s Peggy Breit that she doesn’t believe her boyfriend is responsible for injuring her infant son.

That is simple ignorance and because of that a child now has brain damage. Any parent knows that 3-month old babies can’t move enough to break both of their own legs and give themselves a blood clot.

A prime example why you should need a license to reproduce more than drive.

Be ready to hear the typical…”I didn’t do nothin'”

Should we even talk about the fact he is on parole, then out on $7,500 bond for the pending 3 charges of Identity Theft, criminal use of a credit card, theft and forgery when he committed this horrible offense against this infant? I never heard the news or Starling talk about him being innocent of these pending charges?

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