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Stinson Brothers charged in robbery and beating of Timothy Mulvey

Mark Stinson Mugshot

Luke Stinson Mugshot

Brothers Mark (33) and Luke (21) Stinson are currently in Wyandotte County custody for charges of Aggravated Battery and Aggravated Robbery against Timothy Mulvey (20) who had been picked-up by the brothers under the guise of invited to a party.

Timothy Mulvey was driven to, beaten and left for dead in the area of 500 block of Center St in KCK by the brothers. Police say Mulvey was repeatedly punched and beaten. Mulvey said he tried to escape by running into nearby woods, but was run over twice by his attackers and dragged more than 300 feet. He crawled to a nearby house where someone found him in their yard at about 8:30 Sunday morning.

Mulvey has undergone several reconstructive surgeries already and still has a long road ahead.




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Kansas – Before You Vote, Read About Rape, Murder and Survival

Carr Jonathon Carr Reginald

Brothers Jonathon (L) and Reginald (R) Carr are currently incarcerated as the result of a week’s worth of heinous crimes in Wichita, KS.

What came to be known as “The Wichita Horror” the two brothers were originally sentenced to death for robbery, killing a dog, rape and murder. A night of crime that after reading the details of the evening, you will not easily forget. A night they raped multiple women, sexually humiliated all 5 and murdered 4 people, 1 survivor. Execution style.

Read the detailed description here at Crime Library

What does this story have to do with Election Day tomorrow November 4, 2014?

For Kansas, 2 of the Supreme Court Justices are up for affirmation of appointments.

Since the two men were sentenced to death, (Dec 2002), the Kansas Supreme Court has overturned the sentence, (July 2014) ruling that the trial judge erred in refusing to conduct separate penalty phases for the two men. The court affirmed their conviction, but ruled the case violated the 8th amendment.

The lone survivor and remaining victims families have since started a non-profit called Kansans For Justice. Calling for the public to VOTE NO and remove Kansas Supreme Court Justices Eric Rosen and Lee Johnson. The only two currently up for reappointment.

Whether you believe this to be ruled by emotion, or justice is the question that is before Kansas Voters tomorrow. How would / will you vote?

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