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Drugs are Bad

Casey Cordell
So, we have all heard it before, but… Drugs Kill. In this instance, we had a high speed chase in a stolen Honda. High speed, running stop signs, flashing red lights until coming into contact with a Kansas City Water services truck. Thankfully the City employee only had minor injuries. The front passenger of the Honda, Christopher Ford, was pronounced dead at the hospital, and I was told they are pulling the second passenger off of life support tonight.

The driver of our topic today is this puke to the left. His name is Casey Cordell. Casey is a convicted felon with a record in Johnson County that dates back to 2003. Charges ranging from Criminal Damage to Cocaine Possession.

Cordell now sits in  Jackson County custody on charges of manslaughter. Unfortunately, if my sources are right, it will be two charges by morning.

Drugs are bad, ummkay.

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