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The Trial of Joseph Mattox

The trial of Joseph Mattox began on Mon 4-4-11. It is expected to last all of this week and into next. Mattox is the last of the three Johnson County men to stand trial for their role in the kidnapping, beating and stabbing death of 18-year-old Keighley Alyea.

Her ex-boyfriend got the Hard 50. More here

This puke is supposed to be the one that beat her with a tire iron. I wonder if he still feels like a “man” locked up. This is the reason to implement the death penalty and faster than it usually takes. Why should the general public foot the bill to keep this trash alive? He didn’t worry about defenseless Keighley.

I am not even going to forward a link to Fox 4’s news article, because it was written so poorly they didn’t even bother to get her name in the right order. Quality journalism there.


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