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Stanford Griswold Charged in Euston Death.

Stanford GriswoldThis head-tilt gangster lean mugshot is that of Stanford Griswold. Griswold is currently being held on a $75,000 cash only bond in KCMO for the death of Brian Euston.

Brian Euston was outside of America’s Pub in Westport when he had been suggested to leave the area. He was also witnessed interacting with the suspect and his girlfriend, the tipster, prior to his injury that led to his death.

I guess Griswold taught that white-boy something. Shiiiit.

It is reported that Euston ranked among the elite in alcohol consumption with levels of 4 times the legal limit. But who isn’t near or beyond that in Westport? Isn’t that the only reason to go there? I can remember always starting the night at Kelly’s with one of their 96 ounce beers. Now, I have aged and not been to Westport in many years, but I am 99% sure these character types contributed to my absence.

Hearing on Friday 1-28-2011.


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