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Samuel Logan – OP Attorney charged with Enticement & Kid Porn

Samuel P. LoganI know, it’s not a mugshot, but it is from his Facebook Profile before it was removed. I felt the need to put this up for personal reasons and am desperately seeking his mugshot. If you have seen one, please email me.

Samuel P. Logan, up to this point a legacy prominent Overland Park attorney and partner for the largest law firm in KANSAS, Foulston Siefkin, LLP. Degrees from Duke and KU. His father was an appellate judge and retired partner of the same law firm. Since Thursday, his law firm has removed his name from their roster and his Facebook page has been removed.

Although presumed innocent, his reputation is n0w tarnished to say the least. He has been charged by the FBI with a count of attempting to entice a minor to have sex and one count of sending and receiving child pornography. I did find one report that said Logan is incarcerated until his case is brought before a Grand Jury.

KCTV 5 reports that from June 1 to July 22, “sambo5604” communicated via Yahoo Chat room with what he believed was a 14 year old girl, who was yes, an FBI agent. You can find the details of the conversations on other articles. I won’t repeat it here.  But it sure seems that the FBI knew who they had on the other end and was sure to get good evidence.

I can’t help but think that something just snapped…


I have heard from some credible parties that Sam Logan had sex toys and pornography in his car when he was arrested at Oak Park Mall. Why was he at Oak Park Mall on Thursday, July 22, 2010? Well to meet the 14-yr old he thought he had been corresponding with. I was also told the judge that finally accepted to see Logan, denied him bond calling him a “Menace”. We shall also see if what I had heard about him corresponding with more than one “girl” is true as well…

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Angela – Hot or Not

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Dustin Hilt gets Hard 50 in murder of Keighley Alyea


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On July 13th, 2010, Dustin Hilt was handed down the sentence of Life in Prison. He will have no chance of parole for a minimum of 50 years, getting what is called the Hard 50 sentence. Dustin Hilt was also sentenced to a 165-month consecutive sentence for aggravated kidnapping and 61 months for aggravated robbery.

Keighley Alyea disappeared without a trace. Her car was found and her phone had not been used. Her body was found Monday October 5, 2009 in Cass County, Mo. Three arrests were made. One of the charged, Dustin Hilt, is the ex-boyfriend of Keighley Alyea. Dustin Hilt, 18, Joseph Mattox, 21, and Gerald Calbeck, 18, were all charged with first-degree murderaggravated robbery and aggravated kidnapping in Johnson County court.

Motive and method out now are said to be that his ex-girlfriend, Keighley Alyea, had confronted him for reportedly sleeping with her stepsister. All but Hilt have clean Johnson County records and the charges that Hilt has faced previously had all been dropped by the prosecution.

The body was found in a field near East 235th Street and State Route K just north of Harrisonville on October 5, 2009.

It takes quite the man to be one of three beating an 18 year old girl to death with a jack handle. If you believe that you are in an abusive relationship but are not sure, please read this from Stanford, or call

National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

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