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Johnson County Registered Offenders Map

If you live in Johnson County and would like to know if you are surrounded by sex offenders, this map on the Johnson County Sheriff’s website can tell you. Offender Map Simply run it like you do Google maps and the list will change with the map.

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Is this the Waldo Rapist?

Person if interest in the Waldo Rapes is named Bernard JacksonIs this the man that the women of Waldo have feared for the last 8 months or so? Well, we do know this, Bernard Jackson was captured after a short foot pursuit on Wednesday May 5, 2010. Jackson was inside a house in the 3200 block of Thompson, an acquaintance’s house, and officers saw him walk out the rear door of the house.

This man has been charged in association with 4 rapes dating back to 1983 & ’84 in the Kansas City area. Even the Waldo area they are saying. The charges in these cases are: 6 counts of rape, 5 counts of sodomy, and 4 counts of robbery.

The police say that good detective work led them to Jackson, but many are critical of how long the KCMO police worked to find a man that has a history of rape and is in their system already.  The editorialists of the Kansas City Star are really getting their Jimmy off on this one.

KCMO Police are still being quiet, so for now, we shall wait and see when or if he gets charged with the latest Waldo rapes. I have to say though, that pic above sure is similar to the pic below…

Waldo Rapist Artist Picture

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Gina – Hot or Not

Rate Kansas and Missouri mug shots Hot or Not

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