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Who wants a beer?

Joe's Crab Shack Dine and DashMatthew Davis here is a guy that is no stranger to the law. In 2004 when his then girlfriend died of a drug overdose, he wrapped her up in a sheet and left her body in his Jeep where she went unnoticed for 4 days. He was charged with abandoning a corpse and sentenced to 22 year. But due to the prosecution hiding evidence from the defense he was sentenced to time served…4 years.

So, now that he’s been out, he and a couple others ran up a “several hundred dollar” bill at Joe’s Crab Shack in Olathe, where the manager called police expecting them to dine and dash. Upon the police arrival, Matt jetted with a bucket of beer and took off, almost running over a cop, to the security of Mommy’s house. At mom’s place he held the police at bay for roughly eight hours before surrendering. (He was out of beer…zing!)

He is now charged with Aggravated assault of a law enforcement officer.

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Zoey Zane killer gets Life w/o Parole

Isreal Mireles was convicted of killing Emily Sander, aka Porn Model Zoey Zane.Zoey Zane was a teen porn model. Emily Sander, born in Olathe, was a student at Butler Community College in El Dorado, Kansas.

Much to the family’s surprise, Emily was Zoey.

Today they are both dead.

Isreal Mireles and Emily Saunder were last seen leaving an east El Dorado bar together on the night of November 23, 2007.  That would be the last time Sander was seen alive.

Isreal Mireles worked as a waiter in an Italian restaurant in El Dorado. It was a at a motel room next to this restaurant that blood was found in Mireles’ room. Sander’s car was found still parked at the bar and the rental car Mireles was driving was found abandoned on November 27, 2007 in Vernon Tx where he had relatives.

Sander’s body was found six days after her disappearance, on November 29, 50 miles east of El Dorado.

24-year-old Mireles was captured by Mexican Police with his pregnant 16 yo girlfriend in Mexico on December 19, 2007.

The trial for Mireles was held the week of February 8-12, 2010. He was charged with capital murder, rape and aggravated criminal sodomy. He was convicted on February 12, 2010 of rape and capital murder; the aggravated sodomy charge was dropped as part of the capital murder charge. On March 31st, 2010, he was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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Tiller Killer gets Hard 50

Scott Roeder is found guilty in the killing of late term abortion Dr. George TillerSedgwick County District Judge Warren Wilbert handed down the HARD 50 sentence to Scott Roeder, 52. Translation, he would serve a minimum mandatory life sentence without the possibility of parole for at least 50 years.

“It is no secret George Tiller killed unborn children for a living. I stopped him so he could not kill again,” Roeder said in a statement he read to the court. “It was the most agonizing and most stressful decision I’ve ever had to make.”

Right or wrong, Tiller provided a service that his clients chose. Roeder is a vigilante and had to be stopped. His actions are not justified in a sane world. This guy is a wacko that between him and Fred Phelps give Kansas a name only Basketball can fix.

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