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Laura – Hot or Not

Hot or Not Mugshot ratings - Kansas and Missouri Mug Shots

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Carl W. Misner – Child Molester


Carl Misner has been convicted of:
Sexual Exploitation Child; Poss Visual child less than 18
Sexual Exploitation Child; Poss Visual child less than 18
Aggravated Indecent Liberties/Child less than 14;Fondling

What that translates to is possession of Child Pornography, and fondling a child under the age of 14. This particular case hits close to home for me and I am happy to see this piece of shit behind bars. I am saddened that because of a plea deal he could be released as soon as Jun 26, 2015.

Amazing to me that someone with some drugs, any drugs, gets more time than this child predator. Absolutely terrible it works that way. Trust me that this guy should never see freedom again. Unfortunately, we don’t always get what we want.

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Phillip Martin – The 7-11 Killer

Phillip Martin is suspect in killing 7-11 employee during robberyPhillip Martin, 19, seen here is accused of killing Gurpeet “Tony” Singh at a 7-11 store on Bannister Road in south Kansas City.

Martin faces second degree murder, armed criminal action and robbery charges in the death of the father of two.

Seen on surveillance footage, Martin places a can of Arizona tea on the counter, robs Singh and proceeds to shoot him in cold blood. Even though the family man was complying with Martin’s every request, he was killed anyway.

It was this can of tea that led investigators to Phillip Martin, because at only 19 he was already in the system. His fingerprints we on the can seen in the video and he will now have a tough road ahead for his trial.

Martin himself is a father, it is just too bad that now there will be three kids growing up without fathers because of one’s poor decisions.

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