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Roeder is found Guilty

Scott Roeder Kansas MugshotIt took the jury just 37 minutes to return a guilty verdict for First Degree Murder. Sentencing is March 9, 2010 and the prosecution has stated they will be asking for the HARD 50. The required sentence is Life in Prison with opportunity for parole in 25 years. With a Hard 50 sentence, Roeder would have to serve 50 years before parole eligibility.

Regardless, prison is in his future and absence is in Tiller’s family’s future. What a waste for all involved.

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Alexis – Hot or Not

Hot or Not rating Kansas Missouri Mugshot

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Roeder – First Degree Murder

After taking the stand at his own trial and admitting to killing George Tiller, the Judge has ruled the lower charges are no longer an option for the jury. First Degree Murder or bust.

Yesterday, Roeder had a chance of facing voluntary manslaughter charges that carried a 5 year sentence. That is no longer an option. Roeder admitted to planning the murder for nearly 10 years. I guess that no longer qualifies as a “heat of the moment” moment…

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