KCMugshots is a compilation site of local and regionally famous mugshots. Come here to get your fix of who is and has done wrong. We will also showcase the funny, hot and just plain strange. So subscribe to our RSS or just hop in from time to time. Feel free to submit your own suggestions as well.

KCMugshots.com has a  policy to not print the full name of a person that has not yet been convicted of a crime. However, highly publicized accounts may find an exception to this rule. Persons actually convicted and sentenced will have their full name printed. Now you know why some are complete and some are not.

All information contained on KCMugshots is publicly found information. Should you find yourself fortunate enough to be featured here and would like to be removed, please contact us and we will see what we can do. We are interested in publishing facts as accurately as available and all sidenotes are personal opinions. We do not believe in guilty until proven innocent and therefore attempt to shield those only charged and not convicted.


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